3 Best Websites To Make Small Animation Movie


In these days animation movies are in demand. Animation movies not only a source of entertainment, but also useful tools in presentation and for education purposes. Making animation movies are one of the best ways to grow our inner talent, but making an animation movie is not an easy job, you should be skilled in making an animated video.

But if you don't know about how to make animation movie, there is an alternative option available. Some websites can help you to make an animation movie without any knowledge.

1. PowToon

PowToon is the best place for making animation movie. It’s a website so you don’t need to download any software, just go to their website and start making your animation movie. The biggest benefit of PowToon is that you don’t need any knowledge of animation video.

There is theme, background, characters, Text, Layouts, Graphs, Sound and images and other tools are already provided in the website. You just need to drag and drop the characters, set layouts, backgrounds, sound and other things, which you want in your animation movie.

Here I Give Website Link :  PowToon

2. GoAnimate

GoAnimate is another good website for making animation video. The website is very clean. All the components are displayed in a perfect manner. GoAnimate give lots of tools to make a perfect animation movie.

The website gives cute characters, you can easily use these characters in your video by searching them according to the category, such as casual, holidays, kids, sports and many more. If you fail to find any character that fits into your script then you can make a completely customized character. An audio uploading option is also provided, so you can easily add some background voice in your animation movie. First, you need to sign up for free trail and if you like the website then you can buy the membership.

Here I Give Website Link : GoAnimate

3. XtraNormal

If you like high quality animation, XtraNormal is the best option for you. The website provides very beautiful characters.This website is different from the other websites. XtraNormal provide gesture, expressions, character movements and camera angles. The website gives a free trial for some days after you will need to buy a membership.

Here I Give Website Link : XtraNormal

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