3 Best T-Shirt Design Software's


If you thinking new start-up business of T-Shirts but problem is how you design your T-Shirt in a unique way? Here i give the solution. There are lots of online software available which provide T-Shirt design clip-arts, logos, text. You can easily make latest and unique T-Shirts design with the help of these software's. So, Let's Start:

1. Custom Ink

Custom Ink is an online website to create fantastic T-Shirt designs. The website provides you hundreds of clip-arts with different sections such as animals, tech, nature, events, people, occupation and more.  Here you can surely find your desired look for your T-Shirt. You can even use personalized names & numbers for creating the group jersey for your sports team. Simply create your design by adding arts, text or names on the back and front of the T-Shirt and save the design. In my point of view this website is very easy to use and helpful.

2. Free T-Shirt Maker

Free T-Shirt maker is great free software to create unique T-Shirt designs at home. This software is very easy to use and you will not need to any tech knowledge for working with this software. The interface of the software is simple and attractive so that you don’t find any difficulty in finding buttons and controls.

Free T-Shirt maker software provides hundreds of clip-arts with different sections including building, animals, abstracts, education, heart, sports, technology and more. You can also modify this clip-arts like rotate or reduce the size.

3. Smart Shirt Designer 

Smart Shirt designer is a free software to create T-Shirt designs. Software is specially made for football jerseys with brand logos, collar designs, and shirt designs. You can use arts, text, name & number for making your T-Shirt more stunning. 

It enables you to draw your design if you do not want to use available arts and texts. With the help of this software, you can even design your collar and the bottom strip of the T-Shirt. After creating the design you can save it or export it to a different format such as GIF, JPG, PNG, etc.

3 Best Free Online Invoice Making Websites


Invoices are very important things if you are doing business. Invoices also make you look more professional in front of your client. Invoices are necessary to keep with you as they will be needed for your annual tax filing. They can also help in getting back some tax refunds. But making invoice can be a complicated thing for some people. If you tired making invoices using Microsoft word, excel, etc. and you are searching for a productive and easy tool for making invoices then you are at the right place. Today i suggest best 3 online invoice making websites will surely help you. All these websites are online services, so you do not need to download and install any invoicing software on your PC. So, let’s start:

1. Zoho

Zoho is best website for making online invoice. Zoho provides very easy interface to make the invoice. When you enter the website's main page, you will see a sample invoice on the main page. Actually, it’s not only a sample invoice but it’s the whole tool which includes everything which you may need in your invoice. You only need to click on a text such as your company name, Item Description and Sales Tax Rates. After filling details you can save or send invoices through email to your client.

2. Wave

Wave is an all-in-one tool for your business. This free software not only enables you to create, save and send invoices to your client, but you can even connect your bank details, track your expenses, create business reports, etc.

For making invoices, simply Signup to the website for free and select the panel, which will redirect you to create the invoice. Now, simply create your desired invoice by adding a logo image and other information in the given layout for the invoice. When you have completed making the invoice just click the save & continue button to save and send your invoice. 

3. Online Invoices 

Online invoices is another great website to create and edit invoices online for free. This website offers you many different invoice templates. In fact, there are categories such as template by industry, template by country, template by language, business template, tax template. Also, you don’t need to Signup or Login to the site to start creating your invoice.

To create an invoice using Online invoices, just visit the website and click create your invoice. It will redirect you to the invoice template which you can edit to make it your personalized invoice. You can even change the currency and add discounts to the invoice. After the completion of invoice making you can download it in PDF, send to the client or print it on the paper.  

4 Best Free Movie Downloading Sites


So many people prefer watching movies at  home because some time we have no time to go to cinemas. But now these days, so many movie websites banned. So, it is quite difficult to find latest movies. Today i suggest 4 best full free movie downloading sites, you will download Hindi, English, Hollywood Hindi dubbed and other language movies from these sites.

1. WorldFreeForU

In my point of view, the best site for download movie is WorldFreeForU. Website look clean with the white and pink theme. The navigation is easy to find any movie. All the movies are categorized into the different categories such as 300MB movies, Hindi dubbed movies, Bollywood HD movies, etc. You can find and download any Bollywood and Hollywood movies from this site. Also, you can download PC games, Android games, wallpapers, etc. from these sites.

2. 300MbMovies4U

300mbmovies4u not only offer 300mb movies, but also offer 720p and 1080p movies. The website offers you hundreds of movies and TV shows. You will download Bollywood, Hollywood, Tamil movies, etc. with different sizes such as in 720p, 1080p movies, blue-ray, etc. The website is updated every day with the latest movie. Also, website offer lot of link option so if any link not work, you can download from another link. 

3. Moviepur

Moviepur is another great site for download movies in mobile plus PC, you can also get the small version option for mobile. Also the site provides WWE shows, TV shows, cartoon movie and evergreen old Bollywood movies. You can also download Hindi dubbed Hollywood movies in different formats. I am sure you love this website, very useful, my personal favorite. 

4. MkvCinemas

MkvCinema is another big names which provide HD movies. The site provides all latest plus old Bollywood, Hollywood and south movies. MkvCinemas movie quality is always wonderful. Website home page is very easy to use, you get three categories. Also, you can find any movie from search bar option. if you are looking for HD movies, i prefer MkvCinemas.

8 New Features in Android O


Google released the developer preview for Android O few days. New version coming with lots of excited features and today i give full info on new features in Android O.

Android still not reveal the name of next OS version but buzz that Android 8.0 name should be "Oreo". So let's start, new features list in Android O.

1. Setting Menu

First biggest change we can see in setting menu in Android O. The combination of dark gray text on an all-white background look good. But, side navigation menu introduced in Android Nougat is removed, but all of the various menus have been reorganized to make the Settings menu simple and sober.

2. Battery Saving Mode

Finally, Android O might fix issues with standby battery drain. Doze Mode helped quite a bit in this regard when it was introduced with Marshmallow, then improved upon with Nougat. But now, Google's tightening the reins on actions that apps can perform in the background. Background Execution Limits being imposed in Android O will ensure that apps won't run with background services. Also, apps can only request location updates "a few times each hour." The location restrictions will apply to all apps. So, Google is really working hard to solve battery drain problem.

3. Snooze Notifications

One of the best change in Android O is you can now set snooze individual notifications. Like,when a message comes through, but you don't have time for it, just swipe to the right, then tap the clock icon to snooze the notification. This will make the message go away for 15 minutes, then come right back when the time is up. You can also change the snooze length right after you've snoozed a notification.

4. Custom Lock Screen Shortcuts

Another good addition to the System UI  is a new lock screen shortcut menu, It lets you add custom shortcuts that will show up in the bottom corners of your lock screen. You can pick any installed app to one of these spaces, and there are several handy shortcuts to choose from, also you set selfie camera directly.

5. Picture-in-Picture Mode

Android O will now allow apps to be viewed in Picture-in-Picture mode. This will be a special type of split-screen window that should be particularly useful for watching videos while performing other tasks, though apps will need to be updated to support the new API.

6. New Battery Menu

One of the biggest change in Android O is the battery menu. But it's more than just a visual refresh. Common battery-related options such as Adaptive brightness and Battery saver are now near the top of the menu for easy access, and the battery usage graph is a bit easier to read. But the most interesting change here is a set of statistics at the bottom of the main menu, which tell you specifically how much of your battery was used by mobile network scanning and the device's display.

7. Remove "No More Unknown Sources"

In previous OS versions, we have a choice of enable "Unknown Sources" in Settings, then just open an APK. But in Android O, this setting is removed, and now, you will need to trust individual apps before you can install APK.

8. Text Selection Menu 

The text selection menu in Android O has also been updated. It now includes intelligent actions that can vary depending on the type of text you are selected. Select a URL, and Android O will suggest opening it in Chrome. Select a phone number, and the Dialer app will appear. An address, and Maps will also pop-in.

Which is Better Eat Fruit or Drink Friut Juice?


God gives us fruit with full of nutrition, but opposite we started making fruit juice. Drink fruit juice became more popular than eating fruit. Because we have no time for eating fruit. But the big question is drinking fruit juice is given the same benefit compare to eating fruit. The answer is NO.

But so many people think that fruit juice contains the same amount of nutrients as they are getting from fruits, sadly this is not true. Those who drink their fruit instead of eating, it may first read the below facts and then decide whether they still want to go a shorter way.

1. Lost Fruit skin

Fruit skins are very healthy and contain anti-oxidants known for their anti-ageing properties. When you make fruit juice, of course you will need to remove it. Edible fruit skin gets its color and texture through the process of pigmentation carried out under the sunlight. When the fruit ripens, sunlight of different wavelength is absorbed by the fruit skin to get that catchy bright color. During this process anti-oxidants like flavonoids and carotenoids are formed. Eating the fruit skin would charge your body with these vital elements that have cancer preventing and anti-ageing properties. Fruit juice is free of this edible skin, so eat the whole fruit to get this benefit.

2. Remove Fiber

Fruit juices are extracted from whole fruit by using juicers. The cold press juicers are also introduced by many companies to protect the juice from getting heated. Different methods have their own benefits and drawbacks, but one of the common problems with juicing is loss of fiber. Studies have compared both whole fruit and its juice fiber content. Shockingly juice are very low in fiber content compare to whole fruit.

3. Remove Pulp

Fruit pulp contains different vitamins and minerals that are very beneficial for our body. Maker juice not only remove the skin, but also remove pulp. Fruit juice is clear watery drink that one can easily drink. Fruit pulp contains flavonoids, but it destroys when you make juice. Juice extractor will extract the juice from the pulp with pressure and leave behind only fibers. Some ready-made juices come in the pulpy form to maintain its health benefits but this is the only marketing strategy to sale fruit juices.

4. High in Sugar

Whole fruit is contains with natural sugar which called fructose, a type of carbohydrate. Other side fruit juice contains with high white sugar, which is very bad for our health.

So, here i give 4 strong reasons, why you eat the whole fruit compare to drink it. I hope you start eating fruits instead of drink it after read this blog and get lots of benefits.

Free Download Happy Birthday Song With Name


Every year we celebrate birthday of our family members and friends. There are so many websites which provide ready-made happy birthday messages, but few people know about, we can also make free individual name happy birthday song for our love ones. Happy Birthday song is more effective then you send a message, right. So, today i suggest one website which makes individual name birthday song in a lot of varieties. You can choose anyone and send from any messenger app.

Recently i found www.1happybirthday.com website, which allow us to create a custom and unique birthday song free. The best part is website offers over 10,000 custom birthday songs, so you can use different songs every time. The birthday songs that are featured in this website are sung by singers Katherine and Soraya Drew with the names of the person to which the song is addressed and later the music is added.

Here i give step by step guidance, how you can download and then send individual birthday wishing songs for your love ones with their name in the song for free.

First, go to the website www.1happybirthday.com from your browser.
Now click on the alphabet that your friend or family member name begins with.
Now a page with all available names under that alphabet will open, from which you will be able to select any name and have it mentioned in the birthday song.
After you select the name you want and click on the same, you will then be redirected to a page where you will be presented with the birthday song with the selected name in it.
Now click on the “Download Birthday Song” button and that’s it. The song will now be downloaded.

Also, you get option of different type of video songs which you can download and send to your friends. Website also provides different categories happy birthday lyrics. I hope you like this website. Share this blog with your friends and spread the word on this amazing little way to make someone’s birthday more special.

How To Add Bitmoji To Snapchat


Earlier, we can use Bitmoji to create an awesome cartoon of our picture and send them to our friends in messenger apps like Facebook Messenger, but recently Snapchat also add Bitmoji. Now, you can send Bitmoji avatars to your friends or add them as stickers to your regular snaps. So, today i will tell you, how you can add Bitmoji to Snapchat. So, Let's start:

First, you will need to download the latest version of Snapchat and the Bitmoji. You can get the apps free in the Google Play Store or iTunes.

Then you need to open the Snapchat app and go to Settings. There you should find an option to link your Snapchat accounts. Link account with Bitmoji. Now, you will able to using Bitmoji on Snapchat.

To add a Bitmoji to a Snap. You first need to take a Snap. On the screen where you can add emoji and stickers to your Snap, tap on the Sticker button. There you will see lots of Bitmoji options. Tap on one and you can add it to the Snap. Also, you can add multiple Bitmoji to a Snap and re-position them to make a funny picture. Pinch and zoom to make Bitmoji stickers, larger or smaller. Also, you can rotate them to make perfect picture.

Download Online Videos With KeepVid on Android Smartphone


We all love to watch videos, movies on our smartphone, but download videos in our choice of format is quit a tough task on smartphone compare to the PC. When we use a PC, we easily find lots of good video downloading software but on Android Phones story is different. Like YouTube doesn’t allow you to directly download videos in smartphones so you need a good video downloading app which can download videos from any websites.

Today i suggest KeepVid for Android App which easily download any videos in your choice of format. Some people already using KeepVid on PC, but KeepVid also help you to download videos in a smartphone. Here i give a full features list of KeepVid for Android.

1. Easy Interface 

The best part of Keepvid for Android is its design and interface. The design is beautiful. You can feel like you use Windows 10 OS. App Interface is very easy, anybody use this app without face any problem and App is totally free.

2. Fast Download and Search

Another great feature of KeepVid for Android is fast download speed and easy search. Video downloading speed is very nice. KeepVid Android supports a broad range of websites from you can download videos. Also, you have no need to go different apps to find the videos, KeepVid allows you to search and download video from the app itself. Some of the popular websites supported by this application are YouTube, DailyMotion, Vevo, AOL, Instagram.

First, you need to download and install KeepVid For Android on your smartphone. Then on the home screen, you will see colorful boxes with different website names. Select the website from where you want to download videos and tap on the box containing the name of the desired website. Now search for the video you want to download and open it.  When you navigate to the required video, there you will find a blue colored download icon, simply tap on it.

Tapping the download icon will show a popup screen where you get options of different resolution of the video. Select your option and the video will start downloading. If you want to see the progress of the downloading video, simply tap on the download icon.

3. Convert YouTube Video in MP3

Now you have no need to install other apps to convert YouTube videos to MP3, KeepVid allows you convert Video to MP3 format. You can easily download audio songs from YouTube on your Android Phone. For directly download YouTube to MP3, first search your desire video and start running the video. Now click on the blue download icon and select Music MP3. Your audio file will start downloading.


Easy interface
Free and fast download
inbuilt video search engine
Support lots of websites
HD video download option available



Here i give download link : KeepVid for Android

6 Habits of Successful People That You Can Follow


We know so many great people who have achieved a big success in their life and gain name, fame and money. Like Bill gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Dhirubhai Ambani etc. are some of the most successful people in the world. They do a lot of hard work, but also they choose different planning to develop their business and also they have so many common habits. So, if you want to become a successful person, you should adopt these habits in your life. In this article, you get to read 6 habits of most successful people that you must adopt. So, Let's Start:

1. Wake Up Early

Yes, the first step is you must wake up early in the morning because you can't achieve success with laziness. Waking up early in the morning makes more active and productive whole day. Also, the people who rise early are more optimistic. They are more likely to anticipate problem quickly and minimize the problems too.

Also in the morning always doing some yoga or workout. Like our Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi doing yoga every morning we all know. Also take a good healthy breakfast because good breakfast maintains your energy whole day.

2. Plan Daily Routine

Every successful person spends some time to make a plan for the next day. Planning is very important for making your day more productive. If you do not plan your day then you will not know what things you need to do. Hence, you might waste the whole day by not finishing anything work. So, before you go to bed, make a to-do list for the next day.

3. Listen Your inner Soul

If you want to make successful people, then you should keep in your mind that there will come many people in your life who will discourage you and demotivate you, but always listen to your inner soul, if you think that whatever you are doing is the right thing and will take you go very far in your life then do that thing. Just ignore those discouraging and demotivating talks and only focus on your work. Take advice from elders is good thing, but always you take the final decision.

4. Read Books

Reading is really a very good habit you can adopt to become a successful person. Books are always our best friend. We get lots of knowledge from books. At least give 30 minutes in a day for books. There are lots of different topics books are available. Choose book base on your interest so you can easily connect with it.

5. Focus on Your Plus Point

That's a very important point because some people try to repair their minus point, but not focus on their plus points. Like if you are a good singer but not good in study, so always focus on your plus point and try to convert your hobby into profession. Your focus on make professional singer not to making engineer or doctor.

6. Stay Positive

You can see a positive attitude in every successful person. These people are positive and optimistic because they know that one day they will definitely get success. Henry Ford famous quotes saying "Failure is simply the opportunity to begin again with more intelligently." So, don't lose hope if something goes wrong in life, just always see the positive side and keep working hard for what you want to achieve and one day you will definitely achieve that. 
Failure is simply the opportunity to begin again, this time more intelligently.
Read more at: https://www.brainyquote.com/quotes/quotes/h/henryford121339.html?src=t_failureFailure is simply the opportunity to begin again with  more intelligently. So, never lose hope if something goes wrong, just always see the positive side of everything and keep working hard for what ou want to achieve and one day you will definitely achieve that. Do not give up after a small failure. Keep going with a sm

4 Best Free Online Movie Streaming Websites


Watching movies is a best way for getting some entertainment and feel relax. Now these days Movies have become a part of our life and we never want to miss latest movies. But sometimes in our busy life we have no time for watching movie in theater. So, generally we can watch a movie at home.

There are lots of online movie streaming websites available. But not all websites are good, some are full with viruses, so today i suggest 4 best free online movie streaming websites. So Let's Start:

1. SolarMovie

SolarMovie is best choice for watching online movies. Website provides lots of movies and TV shows. Every age people enjoy these website. It categorizes the movies in the form Top rated, Top Views Today, Top favorite, so you can find best movie easily.

2. Vumoo

Vumoo is another best and simple website for watching any latest movie. Vumoo give easy user interface and navigation. The website displays all the latest movies on the front page and also provide browse button to filter by different categories and genres. 

3. YesMovies

YesMovies is again very easy to use online movie streaming website. The best part is website gives you movies from Hollywood, Bollywood, and Tollywood. If you can fail to find any movies in other websites, you can surely find it here. YesMovies also provide filter to find different type of genre movies easily.

4. Cmovies

If you like Korean dramas, movies and cartoons, Cmovies is for you. It shows a ‘filter’ button by clicking on it. It displays the categories based on genre , country, Release Year and Film Type. It’s easy to use, user-friendly and really good website and also you can find almost every movie.

How To Get old WhatsApp Status on Android Phone


WhatsApp doing big changes in the last version like new “Status” feature, which is same to Instagram Stories. Unlike the previous text based Status updates, the new Status feature in WhatsApp requires you to post photos, videos and GIFs, which disappear after 24 hours. But a lot of people don't like these changes, including me, yes i hate these changes. So, if you are looking for old version, in this post i guide how you can get old version of WhatsApp on your Android Phone. So Let's Start:

1. Get Old WhatsApp on Non-Rooted Android Phones

On non-rooted devices, you can just install an older APK of WhatsApp to get the old status back. I personally prefer WhatsApp 2.17.60 build version. You can just download this version of WhatsApp from APKMirror and install it on your phone. WhatsApp 2.17.60 apk file.

2. Get Old WhatsApp on Rooted Android Phones

If you want to get back old WhatsApp status feature in the latest version of the app then try this Method. This Method is tested in Latest version of WhatsApp 2.17.77. First, force stops WhatsApp Background services by going Settings>Apps.

To Enable Old status feature we need Root Explorer / File Manager, i am using Es File Explore. Open your File Manager and go to Left Sidebar Menu and then Enable Root Explorer and Give Root Access. Now Again tap on Root Explorer and select Mount R/W and Choose R/W for everything.

Now again open left Sidebar menu, then Go to Local> Device. Now you need to access WhatsApp Folder to make Changes. To access WhatsApp Folder Go to Data> Data> com.whatsapp then Open shared_prefs folder.

Tap on com.whatsapp_pref File, a text file will open. On the upper Right corner, you can Find pen icon, click on that to Edit Text File. Now Locate status_Mode. You can see the value of status_mode is 1 change it to 0 and hit back button and it will ask you to save changes, Click OK.

Open WhatsApp app and you can see, you will get old WhatsApp status option back. You can set your WhatsApp Status. But Next time when you update the app you will lose this option. Don’t worry, you can repeat this Method every time.

8 Best Chrome Extensions For Marketers


Google Chrome undoubtedly most popular browser and also it's provide a rich collection of paid and free apps and extensions. Today i suggest some best extensions and apps for marketers. So let's start:

1. Check My Links

Check My Links is a very useful tool for savvy content marketers. When you edit a long piece of content, this tool will scan your text and expose all broken links. This tool is very useful when you want to edit your old content. It will show working links with green and broken link with red color.

2. Boomerang

Boomerang provide lots of useful features for savvy marketers. You can hide a message in your mailbox and select when you want to bring it back to your inbox. You can also schedule your emails to be sent out whenever you need. For example, when you’re away from your computer and not online but need to send an email at a certain time, you can just set schedule it. it also give alert straight into your mailbox when somebody read your mail. 

3. Sniply 

Sniply allows you to create call-to-action with text related to your brand. You can embed these into your content pages and links you share on social networks. So, you’ll promote yourself while sharing other's content.

4. RiteTag

This is a very useful extension that shows you which hashtags will work best on Twitter. The app show 4 color indicators to help you choose the right hashtag:

Green = this hashtag will make your post seen now.
Blue = this hashtag will get your post seen over time.
Red = this hashtag has low engagement.
Gray = very few people are following this hashtag.

5. OneTab

OneTab allows you to clear up your browser window whenever you have too many tabs opened. Also, this tool will collapse all active tabs and save them into a list on a single tab. You can restore them later when you needed.

6. Todoist

Todosit is very popular productivity extension available in chrome. It allows you to create and manage all task lists. You can break your list into categories and set deadlines for your tasks. Also you can set alerts and apply tags to list items, but these feature is only available for premium users.

7. StayFocusd 

As name suggest, this extension is help you to stay focused on work. You can either block all websites that keep you distracted like Facebook, Twitter, etc. or allow to spend a fix amount of time browsing them. You can set time limit in settings option. 

8. Extension Manager 

If you use lots of extension in your chrome browser, this extension you must need. An Extension Manager is help you to manage and organize all of  Chrome extensions easily. Extension Manager shows all extensions in a popup window. You can enable, disable, and uninstall any extensions with one click.

8 Best Snapchat Tricks You Can Try


Snapchat popularity growing quickly because Snapchat very easy app for sharing images and videos with your friends. Also, you can edit you photos with the app and this is the best part of Snapchat. It's offers lots of filters and effects using which you can edit your photos to make them more lovely.

There are other lots of tricks you can do with Snapchat and today i am sharing some great Snapchat tricks which may be you don't know. So Let's Start:

1. Use Two Filters Together

You can filter any photo easily in Snapchat and make it beautiful, but do you know that you can use two filters together in Snapchat? Yes, you can do that. First apply one filter and hold your finger on the screen and use another finger to choose from the other filters to apply the second filter.

2. Save Your Data

If you use Snapchat regularly, you know that Snapchat takes lots of data. So, to resolve this issue Snapchat has begun “Travel mode” option for you. If you have enabled the Travel mode, then app will stop snaps to load automatically. So, you will need to load the content manually if Travel mode is on. To enable Travel mode in your Snapchat, just go to setting, select manage and enable Travel mode.

3. Rotate Text and Emojis

Emoji make an image more beautiful and in Snapchat you can resize an emoji. Just use a pinch to zoom in an emoji. You can even rotate it by panning. Not only emoji but texts too can be resized and inverted with the help of this Snapchat tricks.

4. Add Friend Without Contact

If you are a new user of Snapchat then you surely notice that Snapchat can't allow add your friends in your Snapchat without knowing their contact information. You can not add them in your Snapchat without contact information, but with this trick you can add any friend without contact info.To add people without their information you need to use “Add nearby” feature which is recently introduced by Snapchat. This feature allows you to search people nearby you or in your locality. This way you can easily connect with your friends.

5. Add Music

You can easily add any music in your video. It’s a very cool feature. Just play a song on your smartphone and open the Snapchat and start recording the video. The music track which you played during the video will be added as music to the video.

6. Live Video Chat

You can easily do live chat with your friends with Snapchat. When any of your friends is online, then a notification blue glowing button will appear instead of yellow one. So you can start a video call with that person just by pressing and holding the finger on the screen and same should be done by the other person too. The moment when you leave the finger your video call will be ended.

7. Colorful Letters

Now you can change your text color easily on Snapchat. For doing this, just type your text and tap on the letter T available at the top right corner. Now select a letter or a part of a word, just to highlight it and select the desired color from rainbow color palette. Move the highlight part over the different letter to change its color.

8. Add More Text Space

We know that Snapchat allows us to add only one white space between two words. So, it becomes difficult for people who wants more spaces between their texts, but i am revealing one trick here. First, open a note app in your smart phone and copy the free white space lines from it. Now come back to the Snapchat and paste into your texts. That’s it, this way you can add more space without any problem.

On-Page SEO Tips and Techniques


On-Page SEO is very important for getting higher page rank in any search engine. If you started a new website and don't know about On-Page SEO.

SEO can be split into two categories; On-Page SEO and Off-Page SEO. On-Page SEO refers to all the things that you can do ON your website to help you rank higher, such as page titles, internal linking, meta tags & descriptions, etc. Off-Page SEO refers to all the things that you can do directly OFF your website to help you rank higher, like social networking, forum and email marketing, etc. Today i will give you some useful tips and techniques about On-Page SEO, so your website get higher page rank in search engines.

1. Page Title

Your page title is the first step to start On-Page SEO. Perfect page title is very important for getting higher page rank. Your title must include your main keywords of your post, so search engine easily understand your post about which topic.

For example, if you could write a blog post about a "How to Make French Fries Recipe". It is therefore important that you include words ‘French Fries Recipe’ within your post title. When somebody searches for French Fries in a search engine, your post has a big chance of showing up because you have included those keywords.

2. Main Keyword in Blog

Not only use the main keyword in the title, you should add the main keyword in first 100 words of your blog post. Focus on use main keyword when you start your blog. Example, Your first line should be "Today i will teach you how to make delicious French Fries Recipe."

3. Focus on URL

Your post URL must be short and only focus on main keyword. Google given more weight on first 3 to 5 words, your your URL starting words include your main keywords. Example, your automatic URL like this "http://www.random.com/8/2017/how -to-make -french -fries -recipe.html" but you can do changes and make it like this "http://www.random.com/french-fries-recipe-making-tips.html."

4. Manage Body Tags

When you write your blog, you should break up your content into smaller sections & paragraphs to make it easier for people to read. These sections can be given heading, which is where H1, H2, H3, H4, etc. tags are used.

In WordPress, the title tag is set at H1. You don’t need to use any more H1 tags anywhere in the article. One is enough. For section breaks, stick to H2 and H3 tags. Also, don’t use too many H2 or H3 tags as Google’s algorithms won’t like that.

5. Image Optimization

Image optimization will help a lot in getting more traffic from search engines. Keywords in the “image title” and the “alt text” help to make your blog post more focused and targeted, but don't use more and large size images because these images slow down your website speed. Always use compress image. Here i give best image compress website link : optimizilla.

6. Use External Link

Add external link is a great idea for On-Page SEO. Make sure you add relevant to the information link and don't add low quality page rank website link. Like Example today i am writing about ON-Page SEO, so i add famous backlinko website link, which relevant to my today's topic : backlinko : ON-Page SEO Tips

3 Best Indian Websites To Buy and Sell Bitcoins


Now you can legally buy Bitcoins in India. So many websites provide services to buy and sell Bitcoins but only few websites are good for Buy and sell Bitcoins. Here i give list of 3 best websites to buy and sell Bitcoins. So Let's Start:

1. Unocoin 

Unocoin is the my first choice to buy and sell Bitcoin. This is the best website to start first time Bitcoin purchasing. Unocoin user interface is very easy to use. If you want to start Bitcoin as a SIP, you surely start with with Unocoin.

Unocoin other some great features list:

TC Trading (Over the counter trading)
Auto sells Bitcoin facility
Netki: Easily create a human-readable address for your Bitcoin wallet.
API: Unocoin provides a simple and powerful API to integrate Bitcoin payments into your business or application.
2-step authentication to keep your account safe and secure.

2. CoinSecure

CoinSecure is the another great place to buy and sell  Bitcoins in India. CoinSecure is the Bitcoin exchange site, website is perfect for perfect for those people, who are looking to trade in Bitcoin. First, you need to do KYC verification. You might get a call for your account verification and then you allow to trading Bitcoin.

CoinSecure is not for beginners, but if you are experienced, website is great for you and surely join this Bitcoin exchange. Also, they are facilitating remittances via Blockchain technology in partnership with OKLink. Also, they provide android app for exchange Bitcoin anywhere through mobile.

3. LocalBitcoins

If you want to buy Bitcoins through cash, LocalBitcoins website is for you. You can easily find a seller who wants to sell Bitcoin using different payment modes including cash. Also, they give search facility so you can find Bitcoin seller who live in your city or around your city. 

LocalBitcoins is also famous for those who are looking to buy Bitcoin through PayPal. Also website provide 2-factor authentication & another level of authentication for your transaction security. Normally, Bitcoin buying price is higher, but for those who are looking to buy Bitcoin via cash or PayPal, this is a best choice. If you wish to buy Bitcoin via cash, make sure you do the transaction in a public place. If you are looking to sell Bitcoins in India at a higher price, this is a great place for you.

Ultimate Guide : My Activity Page in Google


We all know Google is a most popular search engine. Also, they offers some other great services like Google Maps, Google Launcher  and the most recently announced Google Assistant. Also If you are using an Android phone, you are definitely using google services like Google Chrome, Google Play Store, Google Maps, Gmail, YouTube and more.

We all using google services, but most of people don't know google record your all activities. Until recently, you did not have any resources to understand or view what all activity of yours is being tracked by Google and how it is being stored, but Google recently released a new service called the My Activity Page which will solve this topic.

My Activity Page is a collection of data of all the activities done by you when logged into your Google account. Google has been recording of your online activity from the beginning of you creating your Google account, you just need to go myactivity.google.com from your web browser and login. After login, go to dashboard and you see all of your activities of  all of Google’s services like Gmail, Maps, Search, Play Store, YouTube.

Most of people are worried about online privacy, why Google track and record our data?  Google tracks your data because it makes your data to be regularly synced throughout any of your devices logged in using your Google account. Tracking your data also makes it easier for Google to combine one or more of its services itself for the convenience of its users. Also, it helps Google provide a more customized experience for you.

You can easily change your privacy if you want Google doesn't track particular service data. From the “More” options menu, you can select the “Activity Controls” option to regulate what all data you wish to be tracked while using services via your Google account. You can allow or deny permissions for each google service.

If you wish to delete any of your activity that has been tracked by Google, you can delete activity manually by clicking on the “options” button and easily remove selected data.

My Activity is a great service for those people who always worried about their online privacy. Now you see all your record activities plus delete activities manually, which save by Google.

How To Take Awesome Images At Night


We all know most of camera's performance go down when we take night shots compare to day performance. The main reason is low light at night. Many times we go for night events and try to take awesome pictures, but low light spoiled our images. I am sure you face these situations. Today i give some useful tips, with the help of these tips, i am sure you can take better night images. So let's start:

1. Wide Aperture

Most of the people don't know about Aperture of the camera. When we take any picture, light that travels from your camera to the image is through your camera’s Aperture so aperture setting play big role in your image quality. In camera setting first you need to enable Aperture and make it some wider if you want to take good images at night. Use lower than F2 so more light passes to the camera sensor, when you take images at night.

2. HDR Mode

When we take pictures in a day, sunlight is enough so picture looks natural without HDR Mode but in night story is different, at night their moonlight is not enough for taking good images. You must need to change camera's normal mode to HDR mode. HDR means High Dynamic Range. When you have not enough light around and want to take good photos, you can use HDR mode.

3. Shutter Speed

Shutter Speed means how fast you want the picture to be taken in motion. Shutter speed needs to be faster when we are having pictures in motion and want them to be as clear as possible. Example, you capture football image when you go for watching a football match. In normal mode, you will get only the blurry football but when you increase the shutter speed it won’t be blurry anymore. When we select the shutter speed, camera automatically sets the aperture and other settings accordingly. This will save you from blurry images at night.

4. Set Right ISO

ISO means International Standards Organization but you need to some photography knowledge for adjusting right ISO. ISO is a standardized scale the sensitivity of light. Higher ISO means more sensitive to light and lower ISO means lesser sensitive with respect to light. This gives you the flexibility to change the exposure of your image as per your need.


For example, here i give image ISO at 100 vs ISO 3200. When you set ISO, your aperture and the shutter speed also automatically change. So you need some professional knowledge for setting right ISO for different images. Here i give one website link, you can check out for more info about set right ISO in different time. Link : Lightstalking

DU Caller ID Review : Best Caller ID For Your Android Phone


Today i am going to review DU Caller ID. App provide some great features, which very useful in our everyday smartphone use. App id totally free. DU Caller ID help you to identify incoming calls, block spam or unwanted calls and more. DU Caller ID comes with the world’s largest phone number record, so you can get rid of all kinds of telemarketing calls, fraud calls, survey calls, customer service calls. So here i give full detail information about DU Caller ID's great features.

1. Interface

Interface of DU Caller ID is very attractive. The home page shows three panels, Recent, Search and Block. Recent tab displays all the recent calls. In search panel, you can simply search for any number. You can also see the full search history with a single click.

The Block tab shows all the blocked numbers, block-list Management and the Block setting. The Blocked entries display the count of all the blocked numbers. In the block-list management you can see the numbers which you blocked and you can also add a new number that you want to block. On the Block-list setting, you can modify the setting of block-list like enabling common spammers, pop up dialog, changing the language and enabling password protection.

2. Caller ID

Most useful feature of DU app is Caller ID. At some time, you can show who's calling you and you blocked unwanted calls. The app shows full contact ID details like caller's name, place, operator type etc. of that unsaved caller. App automatic display a red colored sign, if the incoming call is a scam advertising, fraud telemarketing, gambling, phone fishing, insurance, surveys and more.

3. Smart Dialer  

Smart Dialer is a feature you use when you are to dial a number and search your call logs and contacts. Also, app doesn't change the interface of your phone’s dialing application. Secret Call protection feature helps you when you want to hide your calls and don’t want to see other people.

4. Call Recorder 

Another great and useful feature is call recording. You can easily record your calls with the help of Call Recorder feature. If you want to record a business call or other important talk on your mobile or if you want to solve any misunderstanding that time call recorder very handy for you.

Pros of DU Caller ID

Simple interface and easy to use
Sharp and fast process
High performance
Large database of phone numbers
Lot of advance features
Free app

4 Awesome Video Editing Apps For iPhone


With iPhone we shoot 4K videos regularly, so obvious we need some good video editing apps. Today i suggest 4 best video editing apps for iPhone. So, Let's Start:

1. iMovie

iMovie is Apple’s own app for iPhone and app is working like a magic. Apps come with so many great features. You can slice videos, arrange them around on the timeline, and Scrubbing through a project in iMovie is also awesome feature, you just drag your finger across the screen. You can also add filters and try so many themes in the video.

2. Videoshop

Videoshop is a another good video editor for iPhone, app will allow you perform a plethora of operations on your videos. You can record clips straight from the app. After, you can add text to the video, add narration, combine many clips into one video. You can also add tilt shift in the video. The tool is very nice and you can do lots of things with this amazing app. After editing you add themes, apply some filters, add a title, author name, and much more. The app also permits to export the completed video to Dropbox or share on platforms like Vimeo, Instagram, YouTube, and many more.

3. Splice

Splice app made by GoPro company, who known for their action cameras. You can import your photos and videos into the app, to edit them into a movie. App is very easy to use, you just import the video and mark the important parts ( highlights ) of the video. You can then add music to the video, and then the app automatic clips the entire video according to the highlights that you marked. After you can crop, add effects and add text to the video. After editing, you can share the video via link or directly to the YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, etc. 

4. Video Crop

As the name suggests, the app do only one job, crop any video. If you want to crop any video fast and smoothly, you will try this app. The interface is very simple. First, choose the video you want to crop and then you can select the area you want to crop. You can crop in any ratio or you can choose the size from the menu. 

Best App To Monitor Children's online Activities


In these days not only adults using smartphones, but also children are using latest smartphones. Internet use is normal now, internet packed with good and bad stuff. You can teach lots of good things through internet, but other side lot of scam, porn sites and strange people waiting for your children.

You can't control your children from using phones or laptop, but you can monitor they all activities and today i come with one great app, which give all info of your child's activities, like which website they are visiting, how many friends on social media, call history, chat history, track location via GPS, etc. The app name is KidGuard and here i give detailed information.

How To Track With KidGuard?

KidGuard is a very simple app, you teach tracking in few minutes. First, you need to create an online account on their server and add your child's phone and sync them to track all information.

1. Call History 

With KidGuard you can easily  track call history of your children's phone, both incoming and outgoing calls, also you can see the time duration of calls.

2. Messages

Chatting and messages history is also important to track. You just log in to KidGuard account and you can read all chat and messages history.

3. Browser History

There are lots of scams happen every day in internet. Also porn websites very dangerous for small kids. So it's very important to track browser history. With KidGuard you check all day browser history.

4. GPS Tracking

When your small kid away from home, you always worried, but with KidGuard you can track your child's phone so you always know they location and get relax.

5. Apps and Social Media

Another two great features are you can track all social media accounts like you can see friend list and what they post on social media and you can see all installed apps and all images of your kids phone.

Final Verdict

If you blessed with small kids and you always worried about what they are doing in their phone, you definitely try this app. KidGuard give 7 days free trial to test it, if you like their service you can purchase a monthly plan.

Here I Give Website Link : KidGuard

15 Most Useful Websites For Everyone


When you search anything on google, yahoo or other search engines, they suggest most popular websites list, but it doesn’t mean that they are the best websites on the Internet. Sometimes less popular website provides great content or service. So today i suggest some website names, which not so much popular, but very useful for us. So Let's Start:

1. Allrecipes : Best website for different kind of recipes 

2. Airbnb : Find and book rent room in 190+ countries

3. AlternativeTo : Find  Alternatives of popular apps and software's

4. Calm : Awesome website for meditation and relax music

5. Bitly : URL shortener and link management service provider

6. Clip Converter : Free online media conversion website, which allows you to record, convert and download any audio or video URL to common formats.

7. CopyPasteCharacter : All types of emojis, graphic shapes, numerals, symbols, currencies, arrows available, just copy character and paste anywhere.

8. DuckDuckGo : Great search engine with privacy

9. Fax Zero : Send faxes free to anywhere in the U.S. and Canada

10. Groupon : Find great deals at nearby restaurants, spas, things to do, shopping, travel and more.

11. Guerilla Mail : Gives you a disposable email address

12. Kaspersky Password Cheker : Check your password how strong and secure

13.Unsplash : Free high-resolution photos

14. Udemy : Learn online over 35,000 courses

15. WolframAlpha : You can search for world’s facts and data and calculate answers, including science, nutrition, history, geography, engineering, mathematics, linguistics, sports, finance, etc.

4 Best Selfie Camera Phones Under Rs.15000


Taking selfies everywhere is most of the people craze in these days. Most of the people main focus on front camera quality and mega pixel when they are going to buy new smartphone. Today in this post i suggest 4 best smartphones for selfie lover. So Let's Start:

1. Asus Zenfone Selfie

As the name suggests this phone, especially made for taking awesome selfies. Asus Zenfone Selfie (16 GB, 3 GB RAM) variant comes with a 13 MP front snapper along with dual flash. Also front camera come with back-illuminated sensor, auto-focus and a 2.2F aperture which generates great images even in low lights.

Asus Zenfone Selfie come with an Octa-core (1.7 GHz) Snapdragon 615 chipset with Adreno 405 GPU, 3000 mAh battery, 3 GB RAM, 5.5-inch full-HD display with Corning Gorilla Glass 4, 16 GB of internal memory expandable up to 128 GB and 13 MP back camera. In my point of view Zenfone selfie is a best selfie phone in current market.

2. Lenovo K5 Note

Another great selfie phone is Lenovo Note K5. it's come with 8 MP selfie camera and 13 MP rear camera with dual flash. Selfie quality is awesome and low light performance is also good.

K5 Note device come with an Octa-core (1.8 GHz) MediaTek chipset with Mali-T860 MP2 GPU, 3500 mAh battery, 4 GB RAM, 5.5-inch full-HD display, 32 GB of internal storage expandable up to 128 GB, a fingerprint sensor and phone runs on Android 6 Marshmallow.

3. Samsung Galaxy On7

Samsung Galaxy On7 is a very good choice for taking selfies With 5 MP selfie camera also 13 MP back camera. Front camera quality is impressive and low light pictures quality also good. 

Samsung Galaxy On7 come with 5.5 inch HD TFT Display, 1.2 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 410 Quad core processor paired with 1.5GB of RAM, 8GB of Ram that can be expanded up to 128GB, 3000 mAh battery and dual SIM. Overall On7 is an awesome phone for selfies plus regular use.

4. Xiomi Redmi Note 3 

Xiomi phones are very popular in these days. Xiomi provide good and cheap budget phones. I also use Xiomi phone. Redmi Note 3 come with 5 MP selfie camera and 13 MP back camera. Down side is in low light, front camera performance slightly down.

Phone come with 5.5 inch screen with 1080p HD display, Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 650 chipset with 3GB of Ram, 4000mah battery, dual SIM slot. Overall, this is a good budget phone for taking selfie.

3 Best Wireless Mouse You Can Buy For Regular Use


Wired mouses are out of fashion now. If you are still using wired mouse, this post is for you. Today I am going to suggest 3 best wireless mouses. So Let's Start:

1. Logitech B175 

Logitech B175 is one of the best wireless mouse available in the market. Mouse is very comfortable to hold and look awesome. Also, it's very light weight. The best part is battery life is very good. Mouse come with on-off switch so you turn off when you don’t want to use it. Connectivity is also brilliant. Mouse will work very well from a distance.

Battery – 1 x AA Battery
Resolution dpi – 1000
3 Years Warranty
On/Off Switch and Smart Sleep Mode Key
Logitech Advanced 2.4 GHz Wireless Connectivity
One Year Battery Life

2. Logitech T400 

Logitech T400 has a very unique design with center button designed like a touch pad of a laptop. It comes with 2 AA batteries and Logitech give 3 year warranty. Center button looks like rubber, but is actually Matt-fiber glass which is very easy to work on. Middle touch area scroll is really smooth like the touch pad of a laptop.

18 months of battery life
No click sounds if you work at night 
Button quality and sensitivity is premium
3 Years Warranty

3. DELL WM123

Dell WM123 Wireless Mouse comes with simple and sober design. Mouse weighs is 60 gm. The mouse has contoured shape and comfortable to hold in hand. The battery life is very good and battery size 1 AA. Its Plug and play feature very nice, you can easily install and get started within minutes, no confusing software or setup requirements. Very nice mouse for regular use.

Battery – 1 x AA Battery
Color – Black With Gray Accents
Resolution is 1000 dpi
Battery Life 1 Year