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In these days not only adults using smartphones, but also children are using latest smartphones. Internet use is normal now, internet packed with good and bad stuff. You can teach lots of good things through internet, but other side lot of scam, porn sites and strange people waiting for your children.

You can't control your children from using phones or laptop, but you can monitor they all activities and today i come with one great app, which give all info of your child's activities, like which website they are visiting, how many friends on social media, call history, chat history, track location via GPS, etc. The app name is KidGuard and here i give detailed information.

How To Track With KidGuard?

KidGuard is a very simple app, you teach tracking in few minutes. First, you need to create an online account on their server and add your child's phone and sync them to track all information.

1. Call History 

With KidGuard you can easily  track call history of your children's phone, both incoming and outgoing calls, also you can see the time duration of calls.

2. Messages

Chatting and messages history is also important to track. You just log in to KidGuard account and you can read all chat and messages history.

3. Browser History

There are lots of scams happen every day in internet. Also porn websites very dangerous for small kids. So it's very important to track browser history. With KidGuard you check all day browser history.

4. GPS Tracking

When your small kid away from home, you always worried, but with KidGuard you can track your child's phone so you always know they location and get relax.

5. Apps and Social Media

Another two great features are you can track all social media accounts like you can see friend list and what they post on social media and you can see all installed apps and all images of your kids phone.

Final Verdict

If you blessed with small kids and you always worried about what they are doing in their phone, you definitely try this app. KidGuard give 7 days free trial to test it, if you like their service you can purchase a monthly plan.

Here I Give Website Link : KidGuard

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