DU Caller ID Review : Best Caller ID For Your Android Phone


Today i am going to review DU Caller ID. App provide some great features, which very useful in our everyday smartphone use. App id totally free. DU Caller ID help you to identify incoming calls, block spam or unwanted calls and more. DU Caller ID comes with the world’s largest phone number record, so you can get rid of all kinds of telemarketing calls, fraud calls, survey calls, customer service calls. So here i give full detail information about DU Caller ID's great features.

1. Interface

Interface of DU Caller ID is very attractive. The home page shows three panels, Recent, Search and Block. Recent tab displays all the recent calls. In search panel, you can simply search for any number. You can also see the full search history with a single click.

The Block tab shows all the blocked numbers, block-list Management and the Block setting. The Blocked entries display the count of all the blocked numbers. In the block-list management you can see the numbers which you blocked and you can also add a new number that you want to block. On the Block-list setting, you can modify the setting of block-list like enabling common spammers, pop up dialog, changing the language and enabling password protection.

2. Caller ID

Most useful feature of DU app is Caller ID. At some time, you can show who's calling you and you blocked unwanted calls. The app shows full contact ID details like caller's name, place, operator type etc. of that unsaved caller. App automatic display a red colored sign, if the incoming call is a scam advertising, fraud telemarketing, gambling, phone fishing, insurance, surveys and more.

3. Smart Dialer  

Smart Dialer is a feature you use when you are to dial a number and search your call logs and contacts. Also, app doesn't change the interface of your phone’s dialing application. Secret Call protection feature helps you when you want to hide your calls and don’t want to see other people.

4. Call Recorder 

Another great and useful feature is call recording. You can easily record your calls with the help of Call Recorder feature. If you want to record a business call or other important talk on your mobile or if you want to solve any misunderstanding that time call recorder very handy for you.

Pros of DU Caller ID

Simple interface and easy to use
Sharp and fast process
High performance
Large database of phone numbers
Lot of advance features
Free app

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