How To Take Awesome Images At Night


We all know most of camera's performance go down when we take night shots compare to day performance. The main reason is low light at night. Many times we go for night events and try to take awesome pictures, but low light spoiled our images. I am sure you face these situations. Today i give some useful tips, with the help of these tips, i am sure you can take better night images. So let's start:

1. Wide Aperture

Most of the people don't know about Aperture of the camera. When we take any picture, light that travels from your camera to the image is through your camera’s Aperture so aperture setting play big role in your image quality. In camera setting first you need to enable Aperture and make it some wider if you want to take good images at night. Use lower than F2 so more light passes to the camera sensor, when you take images at night.

2. HDR Mode

When we take pictures in a day, sunlight is enough so picture looks natural without HDR Mode but in night story is different, at night their moonlight is not enough for taking good images. You must need to change camera's normal mode to HDR mode. HDR means High Dynamic Range. When you have not enough light around and want to take good photos, you can use HDR mode.

3. Shutter Speed

Shutter Speed means how fast you want the picture to be taken in motion. Shutter speed needs to be faster when we are having pictures in motion and want them to be as clear as possible. Example, you capture football image when you go for watching a football match. In normal mode, you will get only the blurry football but when you increase the shutter speed it won’t be blurry anymore. When we select the shutter speed, camera automatically sets the aperture and other settings accordingly. This will save you from blurry images at night.

4. Set Right ISO

ISO means International Standards Organization but you need to some photography knowledge for adjusting right ISO. ISO is a standardized scale the sensitivity of light. Higher ISO means more sensitive to light and lower ISO means lesser sensitive with respect to light. This gives you the flexibility to change the exposure of your image as per your need.


For example, here i give image ISO at 100 vs ISO 3200. When you set ISO, your aperture and the shutter speed also automatically change. So you need some professional knowledge for setting right ISO for different images. Here i give one website link, you can check out for more info about set right ISO in different time. Link : Lightstalking

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