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We all know Google is a most popular search engine. Also, they offers some other great services like Google Maps, Google Launcher  and the most recently announced Google Assistant. Also If you are using an Android phone, you are definitely using google services like Google Chrome, Google Play Store, Google Maps, Gmail, YouTube and more.

We all using google services, but most of people don't know google record your all activities. Until recently, you did not have any resources to understand or view what all activity of yours is being tracked by Google and how it is being stored, but Google recently released a new service called the My Activity Page which will solve this topic.

My Activity Page is a collection of data of all the activities done by you when logged into your Google account. Google has been recording of your online activity from the beginning of you creating your Google account, you just need to go myactivity.google.com from your web browser and login. After login, go to dashboard and you see all of your activities of  all of Google’s services like Gmail, Maps, Search, Play Store, YouTube.

Most of people are worried about online privacy, why Google track and record our data?  Google tracks your data because it makes your data to be regularly synced throughout any of your devices logged in using your Google account. Tracking your data also makes it easier for Google to combine one or more of its services itself for the convenience of its users. Also, it helps Google provide a more customized experience for you.

You can easily change your privacy if you want Google doesn't track particular service data. From the “More” options menu, you can select the “Activity Controls” option to regulate what all data you wish to be tracked while using services via your Google account. You can allow or deny permissions for each google service.

If you wish to delete any of your activity that has been tracked by Google, you can delete activity manually by clicking on the “options” button and easily remove selected data.

My Activity is a great service for those people who always worried about their online privacy. Now you see all your record activities plus delete activities manually, which save by Google.

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