8 Best Snapchat Tricks You Can Try


Snapchat popularity growing quickly because Snapchat very easy app for sharing images and videos with your friends. Also, you can edit you photos with the app and this is the best part of Snapchat. It's offers lots of filters and effects using which you can edit your photos to make them more lovely.

There are other lots of tricks you can do with Snapchat and today i am sharing some great Snapchat tricks which may be you don't know. So Let's Start:

1. Use Two Filters Together

You can filter any photo easily in Snapchat and make it beautiful, but do you know that you can use two filters together in Snapchat? Yes, you can do that. First apply one filter and hold your finger on the screen and use another finger to choose from the other filters to apply the second filter.

2. Save Your Data

If you use Snapchat regularly, you know that Snapchat takes lots of data. So, to resolve this issue Snapchat has begun “Travel mode” option for you. If you have enabled the Travel mode, then app will stop snaps to load automatically. So, you will need to load the content manually if Travel mode is on. To enable Travel mode in your Snapchat, just go to setting, select manage and enable Travel mode.

3. Rotate Text and Emojis

Emoji make an image more beautiful and in Snapchat you can resize an emoji. Just use a pinch to zoom in an emoji. You can even rotate it by panning. Not only emoji but texts too can be resized and inverted with the help of this Snapchat tricks.

4. Add Friend Without Contact

If you are a new user of Snapchat then you surely notice that Snapchat can't allow add your friends in your Snapchat without knowing their contact information. You can not add them in your Snapchat without contact information, but with this trick you can add any friend without contact info.To add people without their information you need to use “Add nearby” feature which is recently introduced by Snapchat. This feature allows you to search people nearby you or in your locality. This way you can easily connect with your friends.

5. Add Music

You can easily add any music in your video. It’s a very cool feature. Just play a song on your smartphone and open the Snapchat and start recording the video. The music track which you played during the video will be added as music to the video.

6. Live Video Chat

You can easily do live chat with your friends with Snapchat. When any of your friends is online, then a notification blue glowing button will appear instead of yellow one. So you can start a video call with that person just by pressing and holding the finger on the screen and same should be done by the other person too. The moment when you leave the finger your video call will be ended.

7. Colorful Letters

Now you can change your text color easily on Snapchat. For doing this, just type your text and tap on the letter T available at the top right corner. Now select a letter or a part of a word, just to highlight it and select the desired color from rainbow color palette. Move the highlight part over the different letter to change its color.

8. Add More Text Space

We know that Snapchat allows us to add only one white space between two words. So, it becomes difficult for people who wants more spaces between their texts, but i am revealing one trick here. First, open a note app in your smart phone and copy the free white space lines from it. Now come back to the Snapchat and paste into your texts. That’s it, this way you can add more space without any problem.

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